Saturday, March 1, 2014

Peas, Radishes and Bok Choy

Hi Everyone,

It was perfect weather for gardening. It didn't take us long to lose our jackets once we got to work. Today was ladies' day with Janet, Susan, Dorothy and myself. The first thing we checked on was the spinach bed, and the little sprigs are starting to pop up. That is a relief, because I didn't want to replant that whole bed. There was also evidence of critter holes that seemed larger than voles. Hmmmm. It's always something.

The first thing we did was move some dirt....incorporate the new mix added two weeks ago with the soil underneath. We also worked on leveling out some of the other beds and cleaning up so we will be able to top them off with more soil to fill.

Dorothy and Janet mixing up the soil and leveling out beds.

In the areas that were planted, we added worm castings and a mix of cottonseed meal and bone meal. All plantings were direct seeded. Alaska Peas were planted down the middle of a bed and will climb on fencing. On the outside of the bed three varieties of radishes were put in.

Susan and Dorothy planting peas and radishes.

Sugar snap peas were planted on both sides of the arched trellis. Bok Choy was planted in the bed with the Walking Onions. We did a short row, planning to do several successions of this to keep the harvest going. Al Hayes has generously offered us some of his extra Bok Choy seedlings that he is growing, and we will incorporate them in with those that are direct seeded.

I feel we got a lot done, and now we have a forecast of more frigid weather...can you believe it!! I hope that is the end of temps in the teens.

Our next workday is planned for next Thursday, and I hope to have some cabbage and/or red mustard and lacinato kale seedlings. I will send out a notice to let you know for sure about Thursday.

We now have our classes all set. I am listing the dates and classes, and below is the schedule.

'Til later,

March 29th
1. Introduction: Importance of Organic Gardening…Janet Wehner
2. Seed Starting…Susan Phillips and G.A. Crosby
3. Soil…Bob Hathaway
4. Composting…Jamie Childress
5. Lasagna Gardening…Virginia and Bob Vierkandt
6. Pest and Disease Control…Dianne Parks

April 5th
1. Fertilizer…Nancy Brophy
2. Raised Bed Construction…Susan Phillips and G.A. Crosby
3. Cool Weather Gardening…Dianne Parks
4. Container Gardening…Michelle Page
5. Drip System and Irrigation…Jamie Childress and Mary Elizabeth MacDonald
6. Companion Planting…Janet Wehner

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