Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Garden Classes at PAR Davies

It's almost time for our Spring classes! Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 29 or Saturday, April 5.  Here is a list of the topics planned at this time:

1. Introduction: Importance of Organic Gardening….Janet Wehner
2. Fertilizer….Nancy Brophy on April 5
3. Container Gardening….Michelle Page
4. Composting….Jamie Childress
5. Fall/Winter Gardening….Dianne Parks
6. Raised Bed Construction….Susan Phillips and G.A. Crosby
7. Lasagna Gardening….Virginia Vierkandt
8. Drip System and Irrigation….Jamie Childress, Mary Elizabeth, Virginia Vierkandt
9. Seed Starting….Susan Phillips
10. Soil….Bob Hathaway

There will be another chance to participate in late summer when we plan to have two more Saturday classes.

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