Sunday, March 30, 2014

Serious gardeners brave weather to participate in PAR Davies garden class.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was the worst possible day for our garden class. Sunny and in the 60's somehow turned into freezing, wet and windy. Upon arrival we were wondering who in the world is going to show up in this weather. In fact, 26 (all but one registered) showed up, and that is not counting the two babies!! No wimps this bunch....not even wimpy babies. Just very serious gardeners and a delightful group.

We quickly realized that class in the garden was not an option. Rannie graciously volunteered to move the 'John Deere' out of the barn, and Bob and G.A. cleared an area for us to have class.

Janet opening things up.

Janet Wehner started off with an introduction on the importance of growing organic. Next was Susan Phillips and G.A. Crosby showing us how to start seeds. Each gave the version of how they do it, which was good for folks to see that there is always more than one way to do things. Then Bob Hathaway told us about soil, which was very informative; in fact, this was a good refresher for me.

G.A. and Susan explain seed starting.

Jamie Childress, our in-house compost expert, enlightened everyone on how to do a compost bin and the importance of compost to the health of the soil. After class folks were invited out to see our compost bins. Bob and Virginia Vierkandt told about their adventures with lasagna gardening, and the different ways this can be done. I finished with talking about pest and disease control, organically. I spent some time talking about squash bugs and squash vine borers, and the things we tried last year which enabled us to have a respectable squash harvest. The class was invited to sign up for our 'Squash Project,' in which we will keep in touch with what research we have done, measures we are trying, and successes and failures. About six people signed up for this, and the offer will be made next week also. We are determined to squash the squash bugs....or at least to keep the plants alive long enough to produce a decent crop.

A quick trip to the garden when the class concluded before heading to a warm car.

We really appreciate the great participation on such a cold day, and we are looking forward to the final class next Saturday...with nicer weather of course. Our class is to capacity again, but there are plans to have another series in late summer.

'Til later,

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