Saturday, March 8, 2014

Storm damage gets professional looking repair job.

Hi Everyone,

I thought we'd have some cleanup to do when we got to the garden today, but wasn't prepared for what I saw! Our beautiful fence was crumpled....I thought beyond repair.


Maybe the two guys (G.A. and Howard) would have stayed home if they knew what they were going to get into. Joan, we are certainly glad you brought your husband.


These guys worked the whole time with hardly a breather. We were blessed with the use of a chain saw from the Davies Manor folks, which was essential.


A beautiful piece of workmanship. Looks as good as new. Thank you G.A. and Howard for saving the day at PAR. It would not have gotten done without you. This was definitely a two man job.

Next but not least, thanks to Al for picking up a load of garden mix. We desperately needed to top off the beds so we can start planting next week.

Others present today were Cathy, Susan with grandson Jack, Nancy, Joan Hawkins (Howard's wife), Sandy Stacks, Kathy Srygley, Barbara Hope and myself. So many great gardeners today made short work of some big jobs. Most of the beds got cleaned out, garden mix added and now are ready for planting. So much was accomplished in two hours.

Some of the crew working in the beds.

Speaking of planting, that will be the main focus for next week. We are almost a month behind our planting schedule of last year. There are tons of things that need to get into the ground.....beets, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and another planting of bok choy, peas and radishes. Next Monday or Tuesday I hope to get a donation of some or all....Red Mustard, Lacinato Kale, Cabbage and Romaine. We will plant bok choy seeds in addition to some seedlings that Al has started and is sharing with us. So, if you like to plant, join us next week.

I almost forgot to report on how our two beds of onions fared in the freeze....they are still strong and unscathed. Thank God.

'Til later,

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  1. Good job!

    Was that an oak? You could inoculate it with shiitake mushroom spore. Now is the time!


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