Thursday, March 7, 2013

Philadelphia Flower Show

Entrance to "You Are Brilliant"
I was the lucky recipient this year of a wonderful Christmas present:  a weekend in Philadelphia during the Philadelphia Flower Show!  I've never been before, so this was a real treat.  My sweet husband, Walter, was my "date," and he followed me everywhere with no complaints.

The theme this year was British gardens.  To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I got to the point that I couldn't absorb the huge displays and I started concentrating on individual plants that caught my eye. I'm just going to share some photos that we took.

Close-up of niche in entry display
These are glass cylinders filled with orchids and water
with flower covered balls on top

That's a cricket scoreboard in the background

I HAVE to find a place to grow these English Daisies!
English Daisies were all over the place.  From what I can tell through a very quick search, they are perennials (hence the name 'Perennis'), they make a great ground cover, they grow in sun or part shade and they like cooler temperatures.  In hotter zones like ours, they'll bloom in the spring with the bulbs and generally stop blooming in June.  If anyone has experience with these in Memphis, please share in the comments!

A sweet cottage garden
A hobbit house?

One of the large "dinner arrangements" displays
Floral designers are given themes and compete for ribbons.  There are several classes from very large to very small arrangements.

Color was everywhere

A close-up

Aren't these painted tree trunks fun?  Based on the painting propped up below.

Another large arrangement - shades of white
See what I mean about being overwhelmed?  In a later post I'll show the exquisite small arrangements and talk about the vendors - about an acre of them!  Wonderful products, but I didn't see any PINK TOTES!

(Reminder:  if you're a MAMG intern, leave a comment below about why you need, need, need this pink tote.  We'll choose the winner next Wednesday at our PAR Davies workday!)

Stay tuned for more from the Philadelphia Flower Show and from Longwood Gardens!

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  1. Being a man that always wears Kentucky Blue with an orange MAMG intern badge, I figured since I usually don't match anyways. The pink tote would come in hand for all my tools scattered around in the trunk of my car. Stephan Leonard MCS Farm Educator


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