Thursday, March 21, 2013

PAR Davies Garden Report 3/20/13

Hi Everyone,

There are actual vegetables popping up all over the garden. We are finally starting to see the fruits of our labor, even though our potatoes keep resurrecting….and have to be buried again. It will be a wonder if we get any taters (oops, starting to talk like Carl Wayne!) Today's group of gardeners were: Jamie, Bob H., Don, Carol, Susan, Virginia, Melba, G.A., Anne, and myself.

Spinach sprouting and taking off with romaine
down the middle -
and the photographer's head!
When I got to the garden, Bob was working in the barn installing our new shelving. I've got to tell you it is BEAUTIFUL. We won't have to be going back in the corner and stumbling over things anymore. Don helped Bob put up the shelving, and then they started moving our stuff onto the shelves. I can't wait until some of us can get in there and start organizing things. Who knows what treasures we will find?

Jamie, Melba, Carol and Anne busied themselves mostly with weeding. Anne weeded the lettuce bed and covered it over again, because it is supposed to get to 28 tonight.  Virginia and Melba secured some posts around the in-ground peas where we had put down fencing to keep the critters from digging. This will prevent us from stumbling over the wire. Thank you ladies, I feel safer now. Melba added to our herbs by planting rosemary in a pot. The newly planted dill and everything else in the herb bed is thriving. We still have room for more.

Dill, chives, cilantro, oregano and parsley:  looking good!
 Virginia planted chard, cleaned up the beet bed and seeded the bare spots. We need more chard to fill up the little bed, so I will bring some pretty Rainbow Chard seeds next week.

Susan started some basil and Minnesota Melon seedlings in the mini greenhouse. I have a feeling we will be making a few more trips to the garden to check on those to make sure they don't get too hot or too cold.

G.A. helped us put in some really straight rows of carrots and parsnips. Nobody does straight rows like G.A.!

Carrots and parsnips, with kohlrabi, in back bed
 Now we are looking forward to seeing things grow and praying that the predicted cold, icy weather doesn't hurt anything.

Til next week.


(A note from Suzanne:  I'll be on break next week and won't have access to my computer.  Back online April 2.)

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