Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Know Your Latin Names!

Malva moschata f. alba
White Musk Mallow
It's time to buy plants!  Common names change from place to place:  what is "mistflower" in one region is "wild ageratum" in another, but they're both Eupatorium coelestinum.  That's why it's best to go by the scientific or Latin name of a plant.  Here are some common Latin names and what they mean in English.

Alba     White
Alpina     From the Alps
Atlissima     Tallest
Annua     Annual
Argentea     Silver

Dichondra argentea 'Silver Falls'
(Kidney weed, Silver nickel vine, Silver pony's foot)
Aurea     Golden, Yellow
Autumnalis     Of autumn
Canadensis     From Canada
Chinensis     From China
Compacta     Compact
Foliosa     Leafy
Glabra     Smooth
Grandiflora     Large-flowered
Japonica     From Japan
Macroantha     Large-flowered
Nana     Small
Parviflora     Small-flowered
Purpurea     Deep pink

Echinacea purpurea
(Eastern purple coneflower)

Rubra     Red
Sativa     Cultivated
Scaber     Climbing
Sylvestris     Of woods
Spicata     Spiked

Celosia spicata
(Spiked celosia or Wheat celosia)

Violacea     Violet
Vugaris     Common

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