Monday, October 8, 2012

PAR Davies Update 10/4/12

The experimental garden - all coming in!
Radishes with tiny kohlrabi between the rows

Another great morning in the garden this Thursday. It is so encouraging to see how great everything is doing. The team this morning was Bob, Jamie, Don, Cathy and myself. There was a harvest of 70.3 lbs, mostly greens. We also picked pole beans, basil and peppers. Don came prepared to deliver the produce, but I felt it would be better to have Cathy take it rather than a man. But it was nice of him to offer. 

Greens, green, and more greens!
The area where the okra and peppers were pulled up is waiting to be transformed into the cement block beds. Do we want to plant some more greens is this area when it is ready….mustard, kale or lettuce? Or do you all think it is too late? We could for sure get a crop of radishes yet. I just hate to see it sit there when it could be growing something.

Our new strawberry bed

I added a bag of Black Kow to the small bed in the corner,   and then transplanted all the strawberry plants. I will add the straw mulch next week once they are settled in. They have lots of runners and new little plants. I thought since we don't have plans for expanding the strawberry bed, we could pot up the little plants next spring for handouts. I planted all the empty pots with mustard greens.

The guys hauled some of the compost to amend the in-ground bed.
Dark, rich compost
Next week I think we will be able to harvest the butter beans, lettuce, radishes, more pole beans and greens.

Onions and Dixie Speckled Butter Beans

One of the cabbage beds

I am starting the herb bed (the square foot area). I have some chives that need to be divided, so I will bring a clump. If anyone has any perennial herbs they want to share, feel free.


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