Monday, October 1, 2012

Brain Training with Photography

Ribbon Garden
Members of Memphis Area Master Gardeners have been treated to several presentations recently on photography.  Most of us use photography as a tool to record the progression of our gardens, snap a visual reminder of a plant we're interested in, make a memory of a garden we're visiting, photograph diseases or pests for identification, and more.  But did you know that you can use photography to train your brain?

Many of us in MAMG are (cough, cough) of a certain age.  I hear snippets of conversation from time to time about "keeping our brains active."  Puzzles, reading, and yes, gardening are proposed as antidotes to becoming intellectually lazy and accelerating the downhill slide.

I've posted Susan's photography before here.  I'm going back to her again, with thanks.  I found this essay, and the photography, fascinating.

Please forgive me as I add a personal note.  Opening our brains doesn't apply only to seeing things.  As we move into a new year at MAMG, I hope that we can practice opening our brains to new ideas.   Some fab ones are being tossed about and if you want to join the conversation, just contact a Board member!

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