Monday, October 22, 2012

Moon & Stars Watermelon

Cooking Light magazine is celebrating 25 years with the Nov 2012 issue and it's chock full of their best recipes and interesting facts.  One thing that I didn't know:  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, where we purchased our seeds for Long of Naples squash, was started in 1998 by a 17 year old, Jere Gettle.  Dang, 17 years old!  I won't tell you what I was doing at age 17...

But the article was really talking about the upsurge in heirloom seeds and seed-saving in general.  Baker Creek now mails more than 300,000 spring catalogs!  The Seed Savers Exchange has brought many, many old fruits and vegetables back from near extinction, including the Moon & Stars Watermelon, snatched from limbo in the backyard garden of a Missouri farmer in 1980.

Isn't this so cool?  The skin has little yellow speckles plus one larger yellow dot - and so does the foliage!

I wish I could link you to the Cooking Light article, but I couldn't find a link.  You'll just have to go buy the issue!  Another incentive:  I made the Loaded Potato Soup for dinner last night and it was super fast, super easy, and super good!

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