Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eagle Scout Project at PAR Davies

Digging the trench
Andrew Bryant is an Eagle Scout candidate from Scout Troop 358, sponsored by Farmington Presbyterian Church.  He and his fellow Scouts have been working at PAR Davies recently doing much-needed upgrade projects:  extending the drip irrigation system and replacing the wood in several beds with concrete blocks.  Andrew did all the project planning: logistics, cost analysis, safety and hazard considerations, scheduling, and step-by-step work processes.  He led his hard-working teams during installation over several days.  

We should also mention that this Scout troop has volunteered in the garden often, doing heavy lifting that is certainly beyond me, at least.

What a pleasure to work with such good young men!  Thank you so, so much!  

More pictures...

More digging

Burying the pipe

Transporting concrete blocks

Don't the new beds look great?

And I can't resist pictures of the fall garden!

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