Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plant A Row for the Hungry - 2012

PAR has officially begun for 2012!
Workers at PAR - Davies will plant about 300 seedlings today!  This garden will be featured in this year's Through Our Garden Gates tour.  It should be lush by June 2!
Inline image 2
Seedlings waiting to be planted at PAR Davies
Here are the facts for this year's PAR gardens:
Collierville Victory Garden
CVG has already had several workdays and already has already harvested over 200 pounds of produce for 2012.  
Davies began working Thursday, March 1.  The soil is rich and filled with worms!  The hard work of the prior two years is showing up in our soil.  PAR - Davies will remain totally organic.
For March and April, PAR Davies will be working three days per week:  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
Shelby Farms
Workdays are currently Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

For information or to volunteer, email mamg.par@gmail.com.

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