Thursday, March 8, 2012

PAR Davies - plants are in the beds!

Several MAMG volunteers met Tuesday morning at PAR Davies and got their hands dirty!

Virgin beds

We planted brocolli, brussel sprouts, red and green cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, leeks, head lettuce, red lettuce and spinach.  The seedling were placed along the edges of the rows leaving room in the center for summer plants.  The theory is that the summer plants will be growing while the spring plants are still producing.
Each seedling was nestled snug in its bed after volunteers dug each hole and worked the soil with homemade organic fertilizer (recipe from Mother Earth News here), worm castings and mycorrhizal fungi.

According to WormsEtc, "Worm castings, the best way to make a brown thumb green!"

Mychorrhizal fungi is an organic additive that helps the plant use nitrogen.  It improves root growth and plant establishment.  It's a powder and can be purchased lots of places.  As always, use as directed.
The weather and companionship were perfect! 
It's going to be a PAR-ticularly great year at PAR - Davies.

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