Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dianne's plantings

Master Gardener Dianne Parks is sharing her raised bed gardening journey with us.  She installed two 4x8 beds last year.  Planting for this year has already begun!

The garden on March 1

The whole garden is now planted. I started planting Feb. 5, and finished on Feb. 25. I was worried because the radishes weren't emerging as fast as everyone says. I see that a few more are coming up now, but I planted more in the bare spots, which will help stagger the harvest anyway. I also read that radishes need fine soil contact and my garden is still pretty lumpy!! I will be glad when it gets more crumbly. Seems like everything is taking sooo long to emerge, and I start getting concerned it's not working. But today I am finally seeing the snow peas that I planted on Feb. 14 emerge. The original leaves of the romaine have wilted and melted into the ground, but new strong green shoots are taking their place. This is definitely a lesson in patience. Spinach, swiss chard, beets, kale and collards are yet to emerge….more patience needed. I have netting over the entire garden to keep critters from digging up seeds. Once vegetation starts filling in I will remove it.

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