Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Fling Spotlight: Starting Seeds - Cheaper by the Dozen

When Master Gardener Tom Mashour was a Cub Master in California, his pack raised money by going door to door selling cardboard egg cartons pre-seeded with 12 varieties of tomatoes.  They sold 200 in about 2 hours at a buck apiece.  That was 40 years ago!

What a deal you'll get at this year's Spring Fling!  It would take $5.73 today to buy what that dollar did in 1971.  But the Cheaper by the Dozen booth is selling seeded egg cartons for only $2.00!!

We will fill each of the 12 cups of a cardboard egg carton with quality seed germination mix and then plant each cup with seeds of your choice chosen from the variety of vegetable and flower seeds that we'll have available.  Growing in cardboard egg cartons works better then peat pots.  The roots don't dry out as they grow through cardboard and when it is time to transplant into the garden, tear the cups apart and plant the whole thing.   The egg carton sits well on a window sill and, if done per the instructions, will NOT soil or get the window sill wet.  You'll get a slip of paper that shows what is planted in each cup, fertilizer and instructions as what to do when you get it home.  All this for only two dollars!

We'll have other products, so come check us out!

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