Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Spring at Collierville Victory Garden

CVG 3-27-11
“Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night.”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Now is the time to visit the Victory Garden - an official Tennessee Master Gardener Demonstration Garden. The rich dark humus and heavily mulched raised beds are not yet obscured with thick foliage.

You can see the bones of the garden, and come to understand why gardening is all about the soil. Get that right, and Mother Nature’s seeds will provide a plentiful bounty. This garden is built on mulched and composted good old Dragonville leaves and grass.

Carrots, radishes, sweet peas, beets, chard, onions, taters, cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower are growing. They are a promise of fresh produce before the hot days of summer. The Food Pantry clients will soon be enjoying the fresh, crisp bounty.

We picked last Monday and gave to an elderly lady south of the tracks twenty-five pounds of fresh collard greens, pulled onions, and a few remaining free range turnips. That ended last year’s garden, except for the field of garlic.

Have you ever seen garlic growing? Cabbages? Broccoli? Brussells sprouts? Most children and adults nowadays have not. We have 25+ varieties of garlic. Now is the time to see it before it matures and we harvest it. We would love to have you come see them growing and would be happy to give you a tour and/or come speak and show a slide show.

The garden is located on the grounds of the Collierville Christian Church at 707 N. Byhalia Road.  It's always open and has walking paths. Enjoy the pretty flowers and the Habitat For Humanity holding beds. It's worth the drive and you don't have to buy any furniture!

Visit at any time, but we are usually there Monday evenings 5-7pm. New volunteers are welcome.

The record of our doings can be found our website:   Collierville Victory Garden.

Aint God good!
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