Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Family Plot: Gardening in the Mid-South

Dr. Chris Cooper
We already know Dr. Chris Cooper as walking horticultural encyclopedia, entertaining speaker and pianist extraordinaire.  Now we can add television personality to the list!

Beginning Monday, March 28 at 6:30 pm, Chris will host a new show on WKNO-TV called The Family Plot: Gardening in the Mid-South.  The show will appear weekly through early October.  Chris will invite local experts to chat with him about various aspects of gardening in our area.  At times, he will take us on field trips to close-by gardening destinations.  Each show will also include a Q&A segment when Chris will answer questions sent to the show by viewers via email at familyplot@wkno.org.

On the inaugural show airing March 28, we will be introduced to guests Mike Dennison, Cathy Faust, and Genie Ashworth.  Mike is the former director of the Shelby County Extension Service and will be the show's co-host.  Cathy is the current Shelby County Extension Director.  She will give an overview of the services provided by the Extension Service.  Genie is the current president of the Memphis Area Master Gardeners and will talk about the impact that our volunteers make in Shelby County through our various activities.

Also on the program schedule:  garden "must-do's" for late March/early April.

Tell your friends!  Set your alarm!  Program your recorder!

If you miss the show at 6:30, don't despair.  It will air again at Monday night at 11:00pm.


  1. This is a much needed and appreciated thing! Thank you!

  2. I just moved to Cordova from San Antonio and was really excited to be able to plant a full garden again. This show is terrific! Very helpful, since I'm unfamiliar with the area. Thanks everyone!


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