Thursday, March 17, 2011

$$$ Available $$$

(Garden Musings editorial note:  Commissioner Brooks is a strong advocate for the Shelby County Agricultural Extension Program and for Master Gardeners.)

From the Commerical Appeal Thursday, March 17, page B5:

Shelby County Commissioner Henri E. Brooks is proposing a program to encourage development of more community vegetable gardens in the inner city.

State money would flow to Methodist Le Bonheur Health Care, which would then give small grants to local organizations that want to start gardens.

Brooks works in community outreach for Methodist. She said the hospital group sees the gardens as a way to promote healthy living and combat hypertension and other diseases often related to poor diets.
Brooks also said the gardens can teach young people lessons about where their food comes from as well as give them practical skills in entrepreneurship and other areas.

County commissioners discussed her idea Wednesday and Brooks said she'll return with a formal proposal in two weeks.
-- Daniel Connolly

Interested in inner-city gardening?  Let your SC commissioner know! 

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