Thursday, June 14, 2012

PAR Experiments, Old and New

Remember the tomato experiment?  Tuesday morning we found one of the plants looking like this:

Closer inspection revealed that a critter had chewed the stem in two at the base.  The other plant is doing well so far, so we'll keep you posted.

Next, remember the potato experiment?  The results are not so good.  We pulled the straw back to see what what happening and the answer is:  nothing.

No potatoes forming
That's what experiments are for, right?  It's not failure, it's feedback!

We moved the ayurveda bed to what we hope is a better location within the garden.  Builder Bob built a great frame and treated it with a linseed oil/charcoal mixture.  See the explanation here.

Bed with oiled charcoal finish
Next on our experiment plate is a high tunnel bed!  We were excited about the article in the Commercial Appeal earlier this week and we're planning a field trip.  More to come...

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