Friday, June 8, 2012

PAR Update 6-8-12

Emily with a bouquet of carrots

It was a good morning at the garden….not too hot yet and a little breeze. Pam, Bob, Dianne, Susan, Emily and Kay were there. We harvested bush beans, cukes, peas, carrots, lettuce, and 2 tomatoes from the self watering tomato plant. Emily cut off all the lettuce in the gutter garden, with the roots remaining in the ground. We pulled out the snow pea vines. We weighed all the produce on the new scale, which worked great, with a total of 27 lbs. 

Kay brought okra, cucumber and tomato plants which she got from the Bonnie rep she met this morning.  Cukes were planted in the area where the snow peas were and will climb on the tepee and cages, and also in bed 9 to climb on the fence. Kay finished out bed 19 with the tomatoes, and Susan filled in the empty spaces damaged by the critter in bed 10 with the okra. Bob had compost tea brewing which he used in the garden. Pam placed several of the baby cantaloupe and watermelons in their hammocks.

Beautiful morning glories

Climbers starting on Bob's neat arched trellis. Can't wait till it's covered.
Check out the Collierville Victory Garden blog for an update on PAR CVG,

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