Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PAR Davies - so pretty and fresh in the rain!

We didn't get to do very much out at PAR Davies this morning.  An early rain came through and freshened everything up!  Something tells me we'll be remembering this rain come July! The brussel sprouts still haven't started forming, but the cabbage looks like it's about to head up.

Lettuce and spinach were harvested on March 29 and taken to the YWCA Women's Shelter Office on Highland - our first harvest of the year!

Don't forget that PAR Davies is going to be on MAMG's Through Our Garden Gates tour this year.  This event takes place on Saturday, June 2 and is not to be missed!

Check out PAR-CVG last Saturday!

More pretty pictures from pretty PAR:
View from the red bench

Lettuce growing in gutters!

Pretty plants all in a row - Plant A Row, that is

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