Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Talk Crock

Compost crocks, that is.  But first, let me talk a little bit about Cook's Illustrated.  I love that magazine and their website.  It's my go-to site when I want a good recipe or I want to know why something is cooked the way it is or the best of a particular kitchen product.  I get a weekly email from them showcasing recipes and cooking techniques and product reviews.  Recently, the product review was about kitchen compost pails/crocks.

Here's a link to the entire review, which was originally published in their magazine in May, 2011.  I was interested because a few years ago I purchased this compost pail from Gardeners' Supply:

from Gardeners' Supply
If you read the Cook's Illustrated review, you'll see that this one is "recommended," but barely, due to the shiny surface.  Frankly, I haven't had any problems.  I just wash it after I empty it into my compost pile.  I'm constantly amazed by how much I jam into this pail!  And since my compost pile is not conveniently located in my back yard, I spend a good amount of time transporting the scraps.  So I'm not sure what the carbon trade-off is...  Having said that, it was mighty satisfying to spread that compost over my garden this spring!

This was the winner from the Cook's Illustrated review:

Exaco Trading
I will say that at $18.50 is was quite a bit less expensive than mine, which is listed now for $44.95.  Aesthetically, I prefer mine, but that's a personal preference.  I also sprung for the biodegradable bags and I won't do that again.  They just didn't degrade fast enough for me and I've ended up dumping the scraps into the compost pile and putting the bag in the garbage.  Again, personal preference.

What's your composting routine?

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