Monday, April 2, 2012

Urban Columnar Apple Trees

At the March MAMG meeting, we were treated to a review of new plants for Spring 2012 by  Jim Crowder from Dan West Garden Centers.  We'll be reviewing the plants he shared with us in the coming weeks.

The Urban Columnar Apple Trees are a great fruiting tree for small landscapes and patios.  They have a bottle brush shape with short branches and grow straight up.  The mature height is 8 to 10 feet and they are less than 2 feet wide.  they can be planted in the ground or in large containers.

The trees produce apple blossoms on bare branches in early spring.  The trees have been developed to be extremely healthy and disease resistant.  When grown in full sun you can expect full-sized fruit the first year as long as there are two or more varieties for cross pollination.  As trees mature, the yield of apples will increase.  Be sure to maintain fertility levels for good growth and yields.

A choice of four varieties has been developed:

Tasty Red

Tasty Red is a bright red apple with a sweet, juicy flavor

Blushing Delight

Blushing Delight produces a blush of reddish green fruit with a slightly sweeter taste

Golden Treat greenish gold apples are tart in early fall, but get sweeter the longer they are on the tree

Tangy Green lime green apples add a crisp, tart flavor to the series

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