Thursday, November 6, 2014

Veggies and quilts at Davies this Saturday.

Hi Everyone,
Today's Harvest 35 lbs.          YTD 1614 lbs.

Gardeners today were G.A., Susan, Nancy, Barbara and myself. The weather made our work easy today. We picked and picked and picked.....radishes, mustard, kale, lettuce, swiss chard, turnip greens, bok choy, spinach and herbs. Peppers and a few green tomatoes were picked Saturday in anticipation of the freeze, which actually never happened in our garden.

Kale, leaf and romaine lettuce, and swiss chard.

There were so many different kinds of greens today that I gave the ladies at the shelter a list in case they had difficulty identifying all of them. Everything was so green and beautiful with the chilly weather....and best of all, the bugs were gone today!

Barbara planted a flat of pansies around the garden. This will give us some color when our marigolds are gone.

Turnip greens and bok choy.

Our garden is looking good. The broccoli and cabbage is heading up, kohlrabi heads are starting to form and the beets and carrots are growing. I hope the weather holds out so we can see all of these things reach maturity.

This week we received our new winter row cover. Agribon AG-50 was again ordered, which can keep veggies from freezing to 24 degrees. This has been used in the past two years with good results, so we ordered another 50 feet, which is enough for two additional beds.

Radishes, red and green mustard, and a variety of peppers.

We are looking forward to showing our garden to visitors on Saturday. The Davies Manor Association is hosting their annual Quilt and Fiber Arts Show and Sale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so we are taking this opportunity to invite attendees to see what is happening in the garden. They will be able to see the bees and chickens too. Drop by if you are able...admission is only $5 to see dozens of artsy quilts. Admission includes a tour of the manor house, which is a real treat especially for history buffs.

'Til later,

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