Saturday, October 18, 2014

Working for peanuts at PAR Davies.

Hi Everyone,
Today's Harvest 11 lbs. of peanuts     YTD 1541 lbs.

Today we pulled and dug peanuts. Gardeners were G.A., Barbara, Susan, Michelle and myself. If you weren't there, you missed more fun. I think these should have been harvested about a week or two ago, but due to the rain and our workday schedule, we missed it. When peanuts are left in the ground too long, the little pegs holding onto the peanuts rots away, thus leaving the peanuts in the ground when the plant is pulled out. Consequently, you also have to dig up those remaining, making it a little more labor intensive and also creating the possibility of missing some….which will later sprout.

Susan proudly displaying her harvest.

The plan is to put garlic in the peanut bed the end of this month or in November. We feel that the soil is nitrogen rich now with the peanuts having been in ground since the first part of June, and we expect some knockout garlic come next June. Susan and Barbara both took peanuts home to spread out to dry.
Cabbage and broccoli growing nicely.

After the cabbage worm fiasco Wednesday, the cabbage and broccoli looked much better. At first glance no worms were noted, but later some were spied and we spent a little time picking them off. Bt was not reapplied, but probably should be next Wednesday.

Carrots and kale.

Susan and G.A. raked up the in-ground area and sowed crimson clover and hairy vetch. This is the area that is designated for corn next year, which will be the first time for a corn crop at Davies. It is within the range of the walnut tree, so there will be some stunting toward the back, but we hope that we can have the experience of growing corn without too many problems.

Lettuce and kale and two weeds.

The lettuce looked especially nice this morning, and there is some emerging in the block holes that reseeded from last spring. Overall, we were surprised at how everything grew since just last Wednesday.

Mustard greens on the left, crimson clover on the right, 
and wheat grass sticking up at the bottom.

More spinach was planted and Michelle did some weeding. Next workday will be a time to concentrate on replenishing our compost bins, in the hopes of having more excellent rich compost as we had last spring.

Lettuce mix in a container.

Much was accomplished today and the garden looks good. The cabbage is starting to head up but no signs of broccoli heads yet. We are hopeful, always hopeful….and thankful for all we are blessed with.

'Til later, 

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