Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quilt show visitors enjoy fall/winter garden at PAR Davies.

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to tell you about yesterday’s visitors to the garden. There were 20 folks who ventured back to the garden…interesting people and mostly avid gardeners themselves. Best of all, we were able to encourage and give advice to those who were thinking about starting a vegetable garden.

Davies manor house decked out for the quilt show.

The garden looked really good, due in great part to some ‘garden angels’ who did a marvelous cleanup job. The only clue we have is that it was "two ladies who worked all afternoon,” per Rannie. They painted, rearranged furniture, put down a new walkway and got rid of trash. All the things we’ve been looking at and wishing we had time to do in the midst of all the harvesting and planting. A BIG THANK YOU ladies, and please let us know who you are!!

The entrance area has had a makeover!

Of course, every MG event seems to have food, with this being no exception. Jamie’s wife, Jan, graciously furnished us with coffee and breakfast goodies and we had chili at lunch time. All the visitors who arrived around eating time were invited to partake. Susan took some of our peanut harvest and roasted them. These were a hit, and we could proudly say that they were grown right here in the garden. I'd hoped that the peanut crop would have been ready to be harvest by the visitors, but I truly think they enjoyed eating them instead.

Some people couldn't quit eating peanuts.

Even after our Thursday harvest, the garden still looked full and productive, and we were proud to show it to all our visitors. The peppers are still growing and producing, but this week's temps may put an end to that.

Barbara with one of the behemoth Poblano ‘pepper trees.’ 
We will definitely plant Poblanos again next year.

Volunteer garden guides today were Jamie, Barbara, Nancy, Al and myself. G.A. dropped by early to help Jamie blow out the irrigation system to get ready for winter.

Three visitors and Al Hayes 'talking garden.'

It was overall a great day and we were able to share much and learned some in the process.

Time travelers?

'Til later,

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