Saturday, July 21, 2012

PAR Davies Update

"A garden is never so good as it will be next year."  --Thomas Cooper

From Dianne:

(Wish we had pictures - where's the camera when you need it?)

I guess I don't need to say it was hot in the garden Friday. Kay, Emily and I were there. The main things were watering and picking, and also some weeding was accomplished. We picked tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, peppers, parsley, basil and lima beans. Kay has the count, and naturally I forgot to get it. Kay delivered it to the Y, and it has been decided that the Friday produce goes to the Y.

We watered the newly planted beds--12 and 20, in which things are sprouting already. (Note:  we planted these beds with beans and cucumbers on Tuesday!)  The watermelon bed was cleaned out with plans to fill with the squash seedlings from Kay and also interspersed with the Dixie Speckled Butter Beans (actually a type of lima) that is growing in the square foot bed. I have lots of these seeds that I will drop by next Wednesday, or Monday if needed. The few plants in the square foot were loaded with these little beans, which were harvested today. One nice thing is that if these beans aren't picked right away, they can wait a while and still be good….which helps in our garden since we aren't there every day. Kay suggested that maybe watermelon was not a good crop for us, but cantelope was. The cantelope has done well, and since it likes being where it's at, we could expand it further on down the fence.

We agreed to transplant the strawberries to the small bed in the corner later on in summer, unless anyone has any other idea for that bed. We will then have empty pots which could be planted with lettuce, brussels sprouts, or other cool weather crops. Next spring we are planning on putting the 'Tumbling' tomatoes in the pots. The Tumbling Toms are red, Junior yellow and Zebra striped. They are very decorative and very prolific. That is the plan unless of course a better idea comes along.

Any suggestions?  Leave a comment.
Also be sure to check out the progress at Collierville Victory Garden!

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