Monday, July 9, 2012

Arctic's Frostbite

No, it's not wishful thinking about the temperatures this summer!  It's a new organic weed-control spray.  A company called Arctic Inc. in North Carolina has developed a spray which delivers a "killing frost" to weeds.  The genesis of the idea came to the company's co-founder when he was cleaning his computer keyboard with a frosty spray cleaner.  He thought he might try it on his crabgrass and eventually developed "Frostbite."  It can be used in warm weather, works in one to three days, is organic and leaves no residue.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, for the moment it's only available to professional landscapers and the like, but the company plans, eventually, to offer a consumer version for individual homeowners.

Here's a video from the company's website showing what happens to crabgrass in the the first two hours after application, compressed to about a minute:

Don't you wish you could be a beta-tester???

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