Friday, June 22, 2012

PAR Update, Including Shelby Farms!

We have regular reporters/photographers at our PAR gardens at CVG and at Davies Plantation.  Carl Wayne even maintains a beautiful blog for PAR-CVG, which we encourage you to either bookmark or subscribe to.  We post constant updates about PAR Davies here (so bookmark or subscribe to us, too!)

But our third PAR garden, at Shelby Farms, gets somewhat neglected for several reasons.  First, it's a seasonal garden, not a permanent one like CVG and Davies.  Located at Shelby Farms Park, it is subject to the Park rules and they have to clean up and close up every fall, only to begin anew in the spring.  So every year is a lot of work just to get started.  Second, there's never enough volunteer help!  So the people who do work at Shelby are concentrating on production, not reporting.  FYI, that's an issue at all three gardens - Master Gardeners, take note!

At the MAMG monthly meeting last week, Shelby reported its first harvest of over 30 lbs of vegetables, hooray!  They very kindly sent us some progress pictures.  We hope for regular reports.  (Hint, hint, hint!)

The garden on 5-5-2012
The garden on 6-16-12
Can you believe this is only five weeks later?

The bounty

The few, the happy few...
Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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