Saturday, June 16, 2012

PAR Davies Thursday 6/14/12

Rocky the raccoon?? He's very unhappy and about to find a new home.
We had an interesting morning. The temps are definitely getting warmer. Bob, G.A., Emily and myself showed up. As you can see by the picture, we caught a critter. I don't know if it is THE critter, or one of many. Bob was checking with the animal control people when I left to see if they would take him. Maybe we will catch more if there is more than one, and keep our garden from being so dug up. 

Emily and I stuck the tomatoes back in their cages and tied up errant branches. G.A., Emily and myself dismantled most of the potato bed and spread the straw on the unmulched beds. 

Some of the potato harvest. There are still some to be dug.
Bob had a lot of grass clippings which he spread on the beds also. We did dig a few potatoes in the ground, which I put on a shelf in the barn for the next delivery. Cucumbers were picked also and put in the frig. There were not enough beans to even bother with. The squash on the hugelkultur bed are starting to get those ugly squash bugs!!! I removed the most infested leaves and sprayed the Bon-Neem on all the leaves and also doused the ground, and picked off eggs. Yuk. I see that there are what look like sweet potato vines trying to grow there also. I did see a few squash bugs on the cucumber vines close by. I'm not familiar with the type of squash on the plants, but hope that keeping them sprayed works. Do we have the Neem/Bt/seaweed mixture yet?

A good guy
Are we out of the mesh to make the hammocks for the melons? We were looking for it because there are a lot of melons that can be tied up. I think the watermelons might need bigger more expandable mesh. The melons all look great and are getting so big.

Meshed-up watermelon
We had a good morning of work overall and the garden looks great. I believe it won't be long before we will be having big harvests.


I can't believe how these have climbed in just one week!

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