Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Most Beautiful Cannabis Headquarters You've Ever Seen!

I'm willing to bet this is it!  And if you are like me, it's probably the only cannabis headquarters you've ever seen.

On our recent visit to Colorado, my daughter and I ran across this establishment in a little town called Lyons, Colorado, about halfway between Boulder and Estes Park.  How could we not stop to take a picture at this joint?

While people inclined to more peaceful gardens might think all these colors mixed together are one toke over the line, I think they are amazing!

I mean, what dope would not be impressed by this display?

Or this one . . . .

And, as you might expect, they put together an exceptional pot.

Although it's easy to see that I'm really high on this place, Jack thought I should mention that only the fragrance of the petunias was inhaled and that no purchase was made. 

And, of course, no one connected with the Tennessee Extension Master Gardener program is making a statement one way or the other about the legal sale of cannabis. 

But aren't the flowers lovely!!

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