Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Planting and harvesting and eating radish sandwiches...

Hi Everyone,

TODAY'S HARVEST 23 lbs.        YTD 71 lbs.

Today was a great day to work in the garden--cool and overcast. Gardeners today were G.A., Susan, Jamie, Karen, Barbara, Maxine, Melba, Greg, Nancy and myself. Much was accomplished, but I still have one more flat of assorted things to plant on Saturday.

Karen, Melba and Jamie did much needed weeding of the whole garden. It was a perfect day for weeding since the ground was so soft and damp. Maxine and Barbara thinned out the second planting of bok choy and transplanted the 'thinnings' which will give us late harvest. In addition, they picked the remains of the first crop that was starting to bolt. It was still good and not bitter at all.

The radishes this year are the prettiest I've ever seen at PAR.

In addition to the bok choy, we harvested romaine, kale, spinach, cilantro, loose headed lettuce, endive, red mustard and radishes. All were well received at the women's shelter.

Japanese Red Mustard.

Greg once again worked on the leaf pile and filled one big compost bin. There is still a much smaller pile of leaves that I hope we can use up as we mulch our plantings. Nancy started mulching the cabbage and got quite a bit done. We can finish up Saturday and check again for cabbage worms.

Lacinato Kale and Romaine.

Jamie had a bluebird house waiting for us, and he and G.A. installed it on a pole. I forgot to get a picture of it, but should be able to Saturday. Susan planted most of the peppers, but we still need some bells and jalapeños to complete our pepper assortment. Today she planted Poblano, Shishito, Serrano, and Yellow Banana. 

Loose head lettuce, endive, and more radishes.

G.A. loosened up the soil under the muscadine wire and planted zinnias. He stated that men plant flowers different than women do. I don't know what he meant by that, but we'll see if they look any different when they come up.

Garden gourmet sandwich.

When we were done working we stopped and sampled our produce with radish sandwiches. This is something I ate growing up when we had radishes in the garden. The gardeners thought I was a little more off kilter than usual, but agreed that they were good. Except for G.A. who said they needed 'jazzing up.' Maybe everyone else was being kind.

Sandwich samplers Nancy, Maxine, Barbara and Karen.

And that's all the news from PAR Davies, where the men and women are strong and good looking and all the vegetables are above average.

'Til later,

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