Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PAR Davies 4/9/13

What a busy day we had! Rain threatened but never materialized. Garden workers were Jamie, G.A., Bob V., Susan, Suzanne, Melba and myself. All of the seeds that we've planted in the last few weeks are up--a true miracle. It never ceases to amaze me when seeds sprout. We even have potato sprouts….in the towers and in the ground rows. We started right away with the harvesting, so Suzanne could get it weighed and loaded for the trip to the Women's Shelter. We cut lettuce and more lettuce. All of the overwintered lettuce bed was harvested because it was starting to go to seed. We hadn't cut any lately, because I wanted the first class to see how a crop could be overwintered. I am glad the women love the lettuce. By the way, we used most of our plastic containers today…hint, hint.
Susan working hard
G.A. pulled one bunch of the Egyptian Walking Onions. We decided to pull every other plant to make room for them to 'walk' and start new onions. We cut a lot of cilantro and some parsley and oregano. Our herb bed is doing great. Kale was cut, and maybe we will get one more cutting. And finally we harvested the kohlrabi. Our workers tasted it and liked it. This was not sent to the shelter, but we all took some home to cook to decide if we want to plant a big crop next fall. Everyone said it tasted better than turnips. Kohlrabi is a German word meaning 'kohl' (cabbage) and 'rabi' (turnip). So there ya go.
Kohlrabi - get ready, Julie!
 Sharon brought us 48 tomatoes….12 each of Rutgers, Celebrity, Jet Star and Beefsteak; these were all planted. She will bring the Florida 91 when they are big enough.
Suzanne planting tomatoes
More tomato planters

Sharon also brought a dozen beautiful green bell peppers.

I picked up my tomato order in Brighton today and also got what I ordered for PAR. Tomato Girl included some freebies. We got purple and green tomatillos, a giant banana pepper, 3 varieties of eggplant (1 ea.), and she threw in some Lime Basil, a Chocolate Sweet Pepper, and a tomato called 'Indigo Rose' that is supposed to be blue! So next week we will have all of this to plant plus Sharon's peppers. I will try to get some jalapeƱos and habaneros too. We will be able to plant some flowers wherever we have an empty spot.

This beautiful nest was found in one of the file drawers!! What a surprise!

We are still waiting on the wood chips, but it shouldn't be too long. The chip guy wants to bring us a 'clean' load, so we have to wait for when that happens. Rain will hamper his work, so I don't know if he will be able to bring any tomorrow like he'd planned.

Our new sink
Okay, here it is. I finally remembered to take the picture. It isn't hooked up to the water yet, but we still used it today. Isn't it a beauty. Now we can even wash our hands. Thank you G.A. for a perfect job.

'Til later,

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