Friday, April 5, 2013

PAR Davies 4/3/13

Hi Everyone,
Despite the cold and later a drizzle, everything in the garden was good today. We had a new worker, intern John Morrison, who joined us today, along with Jamie, Bob, Susan, G.A., Suzanne, Anne, Virginia and myself.

Suzanne got busy organizing the new shelves, and they really look nice. We will be able to tell better exactly what supplies we have so we don't go out and buy more of what is already in the barn! I noticed we have several big bags of wildflower seeds!! I don't know where they came from or how long they've been there. It sure would be nice to find a good place to use them before they are out of date. The barn is looking better as far as us being able to get to our stuff. There are a bunch of old metal shelving units behind the barn that are going to be gotten rid of, and Rannie asked me to mention this to the workers. If anyone needs old shelves and can haul them away, they are yours.

The collards, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce were given a side dressing of cotton seed meal for a slow release nitrogen after their fish emulsion drink last week. I think this will hold them until harvest. Everything is finally looking pretty healthy and should really take off now with the warmer temps in the forecast. The chard, parsnips and spinach-mustard have not sprouted yet. The favas and peas are coming along nicely and the beets were thinned today. Bob suggested we mulch the potato rows, and he was certainly right about that because little weeds were peeking their heads.

NOTE TO CAROL and MARY ELIZABETH….the carrots are coming up!! You ladies are great carrot planters. We know who to call on the next time.
Collards with radishes down the center

Spinach and romaine.  We will harvest spinach next week.


As always, we like to show off the lettuce.  Note the two
volunteer Romaine heads!  A lot of this will be harvested next week.
One of two garlic beds with radishes down the center
and a few strawberries in the holes.
G.A. finished the sink and it is beautiful. I can't believe that I forgot to take a picture again!! You may have to come out and see it for yourself. Maybe next week I can get a picture of it actually being used…if I remember. The basil and cantaloupe seeds that Susan started in the mini greenhouse are actually coming up…..after being neglected for days on end. They will be some hardy plants.
We are ready for our classes starting this Saturday, and are about at capacity with 25 signed up. The weather looks like it will cooperate.

The roast!

Jamie, G.A., John and Anne around the campfire. Note the skillet of some great chili cooking. We started out our winter gardening with a campfire and weenie roast, and it seems fitting that we would finish up with one. Maybe this will become a tradition. This month we will start focusing on warm weather crops.

And that is all the news from PAR Davies where the men are strong, the women are good-looking, and the vegetables are above average.
'Til later,

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