Friday, October 26, 2012

Tiffany Inspirations

Yesterday evening MAMG collaborated with Brooks Museum of Art in a wreath-making workshop.  Twenty-five wonderfully creative folks gathered to make wreaths inspired by Tiffany lamps.  We started with champagne, fruit and cheese, and conversation, then got to work!

Everyone used a design by Jean Ward-Jones and Martha Montesi as a starting point...

...but every wreath created last night was unique.

We even had one guy!

Henry & Amanda Gotten
Daughter Emily Percer & mother Susan Greenberg (sorry for the bad photo!)
We all had a great time!  Thank you, Brooks, for letting us do this with you!  And thank you to the Master Gardeners who participated:  Jean Ward-Jones, Anne Krekelberg, Julie Morgan, Genie Ashworth, and Suzanne Allen.  Dina Martin provided lots of magnolia leaves and buds, thanks to her and to her boys!  Martha Montesi and Donna Olswing provided additional design consultation.

Be sure to visit the Brooks and see The Brilliance of Tiffany:  Lamps from the Neustadt Collection.  It's stunning.


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