Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprise! Lilies!

Surprise lilies
What a nice rain we had early this week.  After such a hot, dry summer, it was a welcome change.  I walked out to my little garden this morning and - surprise!  I have no idea where these red spider lilies (Lycoris radiata) came from, but I was thrilled.  Here's a close-up:

Surprise lilies are also called "magic lilies," "Resurrection lilies.," and "naked (or nekkid) ladies."  They grow from bulbs, but I didn't plant them and I don't remember them in the garden before.  According to one source, "Lycoris radiata doesn't always flower every year...we feel the flowering is probably controlled by aliens who like to torment Earth-bound gardeners."  

Lycoris is divided into two groups.  Lycoris radiata, like mine, flower in the fall, then produce leaves that will hang around until spring.  Lycoris squamigera also flowers in the fall, but their leaves don't appear until spring.  

Lycoris squamigera
And for those of us who have the problem:  they're deer-resistant!

The next several weeks are prime planting time.  I've ordered my tulips, but won't plant them until late November.  But I'm going to take a look at my garden and fill in with some of my favorites, the three H's:  hostas, hydrangeas, and heucheras.  For variety, I'll tuck in other kinds of woodland plants.  (I've got mostly shade here.)  I'm excited about my garden again since I made some major changes earlier this year.

Isn't this a gorgeous heuchera?  It's call Frosted Violet

This cool weather energizes me.  I actually saw my breath when I took Eli for his walk this morning!  What about you?  What are your fall plans?

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  1. I thought the reaurrection lillies were wild, we have them in our yard and we never planted bulbs, the neighbors have them also, one here one there throughout there back yard and I have also seen them in fields where there is nothing


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