Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ladies' Day at PAR Davies

Hi Everyone,
TODAY'S HARVEST 35 lbs.      YTD 176  lbs.

Just we three ladies in the garden today....Cathy, Mary Elizabeth and myself. We had to change our workday because of the rain forecast, so there were few workers...but much was accomplished.

Kale harvest sitting in the cabbage patch.

A good amount of time was spent on the harvest. We picked a few remaining strawberries and the rest of the radishes, onions, peas, cabbage, kale, mustard, lettuce and herbs. Cathy pulled out the pea plants in the in-ground bed and put them in the compost.

Strawberries tumbling over the sides of the bed.

Mary Elizabeth cut off all of the leaves of the tomatoes that were touching the ground. She said that we had many more tomato plants than she realized. A few of the Romas had some leaves worrisome for blight, which were removed and bagged. These plants were then sprayed with Neem, and we hope that it is a benign issue that will not progress. We noticed some aphids on the tomatoes too. Saturday these will be sprayed if that is still a problem.

Tomatoes and carrots.

Mary Elizabeth brought some blackberry starts, which we added to the blackberry bed. The rest were put on the front fence where some of our raspberries died of an unknown cause. Now we think there are three blackberry varieties, of which we hope at least one will be really good. The blueberries are really taking off though and look good and healthy.

Lutz beets and Nevada lettuce.

Next week the beets should be ready to start pulling. The Detroit beets in the in-ground bed did exceptional, however, the Lutz beets in the raised bed did not germinate very well as you can see by the blank areas in the photo above. The Lutz beets are not ready to harvest yet, but they are supposed to get large and still remain tender and not woody.

Florence (bulbing) fennel.

This is our first time growing fennel. We have the bulbing type and one plant of the Bronze (leafy) fennel, both seedlings started by Al Hayes. The bulbs are forming nicely and doing much better than I'd expected. I will be on the lookout for some good recipes using fennel to send along with the harvest.

Chinese celery and Nasturtium.

Another new thing this year is Chinese celery. Since it is near impossible to grow celery in this area, I was trying to find a substitute....so we planted Chinese celery and Lovage. So far the Chinese celery is the winner. The stems are hollow, but actually look like smallish celery stalks with very similar but stronger flavor. Great for use in soups or wherever a celery flavor is needed. The stalk can even serve as a straw!

Loaded up and ready to go...herbs, Chinese celery and lettuce.

Cathy added epsom salts to the peppers and tomato plants. Saturday these can be mulched. Cathy also delivered everything to the women's shelter.

Because there were only three of us, we weren't able to get as much planted as I had anticipated. On Saturday planting will be our main focus.

Pretty potato flowers.

Because of the voles, our potatoes are about half the crop we'd hoped for. What is remaining looks great though. We will need to plant something in the vacant spots in this bed. 

Now we can sit back and hope for a nice rain these next few days. The rain always gives us a growth spurt, so I can't wait to see what it looks like Saturday.

'Til later,

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