Saturday, May 10, 2014

Brewing Comfrey tea and many other late spring garden chores.

 Hi Everyone,

TODAY'S HARVEST 6 lbs.       YTD 101 lbs.

The garden looked good after the rain. Not as much vole damage visible today. Gardeners present were G.A., Karen, Bob and myself.

G.A. fertilized the garlic bed with fish emulsion, and Wednesday we will fertilize the onions using same. I think we have about a month to go on the garlic yet.

The garlic bed is looking good. 

Bob worked on the irrigation system and will finish that up when Jamie gets back. G.A. planted a new type of bush bean in one of our containers. It is supposed to be especially for containers and small spaces. We got these from Anne Krekelberg last year for evaluation (for Harris Seed) and finally got them planted!

G.A. planting container beans and Bob working on irrigation system.

Karen planted garlic chives and dwarf zinnias in the block holes. The zinnias under the muscadine are emerging, and the muscadine is shooting out lots of growth. I hope we can get it climbing on its wire soon.

Karen planting in the block holes with covered squash on the left.

G.A. cut down the entire comfrey plant about 5 inches from the ground, and this was put in a 5-gallon bucket, covered with water and closed up to steep. In about 2-3 weeks we should have comfrey tea. This will be diluted and used to fertilize our tomatoes, peppers and squash. Last year it was our primary fertilizer for these three crops. G.A. suggested that we divide our comfrey plant and have two in the bed, which I think is an excellent idea. I'll check and see what time of year is best for this. It may be that we will need to wait until next spring for best results.

Comfrey ready to steep.

We were able to harvest strawberries, lettuce, radishes and cilantro. These were taken to the women's halfway house. I was amazed that the voles left us a whopping pound and a half of strawberries! We should be able to pull out all the rest of the radishes in the two onion beds on Wednesday. Many are bolting.

Beautiful strawberries...enough to make strawberry shortcake!

G.A. planted the yellow Italian pole beans around the red trellises. I can't wait to see what these look like. I checked the cabbage and kale, and so far no return of cabbage worms. The green cabbage is really heading up nicely, and the red cabbage is just starting to get little heads.

Pretty 45-day cabbage, which I believe has been at it more than 45 days!

The tomatoes are really looking good despite the critters eating them. We replaced two tomato plants today with several more needing replacement, and I will get these for planting on Wednesday. G.A. planted two 'Celebrity' today. There will be an abundant array of varieties to taste test.

Tomato beds with companion carrots on the right.

The covered squash is looking good with blossoms emerging. Wednesday we can check to see if there are any female blooms, at which point we will hand pollinate the butternut and yellow squash. The zucchini are supposed to be self fertile, so we can wait a while and see if this is true. 

Clockwise starting at top left ground cherry, Cavilli zucchini under cover, and BJ's lettuce.

That is all the garden news that I can think of for today. I am looking forward to seeing what has developed when we get to the garden on Wednesday.

'Til then,

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