Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter School 2013 Report - Part III - Growing Vegetables in Containers

Carol Burdett down-sized from a large flower and vegetable garden to gardening in containers on her deck some years ago.  As we gardeners (ahem!) mature, there is a big demand for information about growing vegetables in containers.  The goals of Carol's presentation were:

  • Increase knowledge about container gardening
  • Describe best practices when vegetable gardening in containers
  • Explain four benefits of growing your own vegetables in containers
  • Describe how to choose container size and type, soil, amendments, and fertilizer
  • Name 12 vegetables, fruits, and other plants to grow in containers
  • Demonstrate filling the containers with soil, planting, watering, location, and season-long care
She engaged us immediately by asking how many of us grow vegetables now and asking us to share our container stories.  She told her own story as an example of how our needs can change with time.  She had beautiful posters of her deck garden and shared a super technique for making low-cost posters: her photo software will divide a photograph into 4 sections which can each be printed in an 11" x 17" size.  She then mounts these four sections on poster or mounting board for a gorgeous visual aid.

This would be such an easy and informative talk to present to any number of groups!  Again, the goal of these presentations was not to convey this specific information to the attendees, but to inspire the attendees to go out into their own communities and spread the word!

(Don't you love my notes on these hand-outs?  See, I was paying attention!)

Carol Burdett
Cumberland County Master Gardener

Carol Burdett has been involved in the Master Gardener program since 1998 and has designed and chaired most of the city landscape projects for the Cumberland County MG association. She teaches various classes for the new interns each year and enjoys lecturing in her own community both on TV and at civic gatherings. In 2012 she joined the Tennessee Master Gardener Advocacy Board (TMGAB); she currently edits the TMGAB newsletter Taking Root.

Tomorrow:  Heirloom Vegetable Tales

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