Thursday, February 21, 2013

PAR Davies - 2-20-13

Good morning everyone,

It was a very chilly workday, so we had to keep moving to keep warm and got a lot done. Those present were G.A., Cathy, Susan, Carol and myself.

Susan and G.A. finished planting the bush peas in Bed 12 and then planted the collard seedlings in Bed 14. G.A. also finished up planting the Yukon Golds behind the potato towers. Cathy, Carol and I planted the pear trees, and Cathy put another layer of top soil on the lasagna bed. 

Susan and G. A. planting collards

Cathy and Carol thinned out the big kale bed and fertilized in the hopes of getting a spring crop.

Carol fertilizing the kale

G.A. and Susan spread cardboard and newspaper along the fence to smother the weeds. Pam brought a typewriter to sit on top of the file cabinets…it is a sight to behold. I could kick myself for not taking a picture, but will get one next week. We know that the metal file cabinets will cook most things we try to plant in the summer time, except for maybe some sedum. We have decided to use it mostly for storing our gardening tools to keep them handy and out of the weather, and plant something in the top drawers if it will survive the heat.

Radishes peeking through

The first row of radishes we planted are starting to peek their heads out. They will definitely need to be thinned next week. The radish seeds were 3 years old, but the germination rate is still very high. 

I'd like to get one or two of those little handy seed sowers that Pam brought last week to make it easier to sow the smaller seeds. Has anyone seen one of these locally so we don't have to get online?

Our beautiful lettuce
We couldn't harvest the lettuce because it was still a little stiff, but if it is warmer next workday we will get some lettuce and cilantro to take to the shelter. I just had to take a picture of our beautiful lettuce for all to see. We have been harvesting this since last fall (planted late August), and has been under the row cover on nights when we had a forecast of freezing temps. Our winter gardening experiment has definitely been a success!

Last week Pam brought a really neat garden tote. We discovered it was actually a tool caddy, but if you didn't see the word 'Craftsman' on it, you wouldn't think it was. It is THE PERFECT GARDEN TOTE--very well made with all the handy pockets and slots. These can be found at Sears in the Tool Dept. for $12.99. They come in several different color combinations, including solid black, and even pink for the ladies.

This is such a great deal I just had to share it with you all. What is even better, Suzanne Allen, blog facilitator, is going to have one as a blog giveaway. I don't know what you have to do to get it, but if you don't end up with it, Sears is the place to go. BTW, be sure to be checking the blog--you might get lucky.

'Til later.


P. S. from Suzanne:  This giveaway is for MAMG interns only.  (No whining, we'll do others during the year!)  Sometime in the next two weeks, the words "pink tote" will appear somewhere in the blog post.  When you see the words, leave a comment telling us why you need this tote soooo bad!   The PAR Davies team will decide the winner.   

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