Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Door Decorations

(Note:  had a nasty stomach bug over the weekend, so no post on Monday.  Back now!)

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is the decorations.  I love the lights, the ribbons and bows, the ornaments and, especially, the wreaths.  So I always get a little depressed when all that is taken down and we're left with nothing after a surfeit of color and sparkle.

In the past I've had spring wreaths and I've had autumn wreaths, but never a winter wreath.  But I had a burst of energy last week, trolled the internet for images, and pinned my favorites to a Pinterest board I created.

After going back and forth and back and forth, I finally chose this one:


I now have great respect for the people who do these things.  Do they have a magic store where one can find every single item they need? (I should have remembered this from sourcing supplies for the Tiffany Workshop, when I hit every craft/dollar store in Memphis!)  Anyway, I went to Michael's in East Memphis and they had almost everything.  But the spray snow was not be had anywhere at any price, at least in the timeframe I was willing to commit.

Here's my finished wreath.  I have a glass door, so it's hard to get a great photo.  One of the birds came off the other day when it rained so hard, but not to worry - I have plenty of wire!

Yes, that's a reflection of the houses across from me...

Not tooooo bad?  I'm already looking at spring wreaths.  I figure if I give myself a little more time....

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