Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quilts At Davies Manor

I normally don't post on Saturday, but I just had to give you some incentive to go to Hillwood at Davies Plantation today or tomorrow for the Quilt & Fiber Show.  I went yesterday and wow.  I'm a needleworker, so I can appreciate the time, effort, and imagination that go into these quilts.  But even if you can't relate to all that, you can certainly appreciate the sheer beauty.  Here are some of my favorites:

Love the shading from light to dark

Naturally, since I'm a gardener

In the Fairy Tales competition
Blocks were embroidered, then quilted

A close-up of the embroidered block
Don't you love the colors and the way the puzzle pieces make another design?
In the prestigious Hoffman Competition - it sparkles, too!

This is probably my very favorite.  Completely hand pieced and hand quilted.  Unbelievable.
Celtic Quilt
And since everything always circles around to chickens...

Photos don't do justice - get yourself out there and see these works of art in person.  And while you're there, walk around to the back of the Manor and see the PAR Davies garden.  Guides are on duty.  The show is open from 10-4 today and from 1-4 on Sunday.  A link to a map is here.

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