Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 Vegetable Garden of the Year

A fraction garden!

I hope everyone read about the Commercial Appeal's Vegetable Garden of the Year today!  Click HERE if you missed it.

What an inspiration this garden is - on several levels.  First, the garden, or Outside Classroom, is an antidote to the constant moaning and groaning about education in Memphis:  the administration, the teachers, the students, the facilities - it goes on and on.  A story like this that encapsulates all of the good that goes on in city schools.  You have the teacher with the great idea, the principal who supports it, her colleagues who provide more ideas and manual labor (on their own time!), grants from area businesses, students who become involved, and, most importantly, learning that takes place.

Second, the garden is a source of inspiration for similar learning gardens and even for our own home gardens.  How cool is a shape garden?

Third, the lessons go beyond gardening.  As a self-proclaimed "litter nut," I was thrilled to read about the experiment involving chip bags.

Were any MAMG members involved in this garden?  If so, please speak up so we can pat you on the back.

P. S.  In case you missed it, our own Carol Watkins was the winner of the 2011 Ornamental Garden of the Year.  Check it out HERE.

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