Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pets and Plants, a Problem

We were in New York City recently and I must say, it is very "green."  Parks, gardens, local food - and it was very clean!  I ran across this New York Times blog post and wanted to share it.  It's about the effect of pet urine on plants.  Pretty interesting, especially the science part.

Have you experienced any problems with "excessive" dog fertilizing?  How did you handle it?

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  1. You could try plastic plants! (But even those fade with too much attention from puppies.)

    The most effective deterrent we have found is a motion activated sprinkler. This doesn't hurt the dog in any way but scares him from the area.

    Contech Technologies at http://www.contech-inc.com/ has a whole line of clever and green products to help with kitties and puppies and less domestic pests.

    If you have a large area try sprinking it with chili pepper. The capsicum irritates the nose of the animals and is rarely harmful to plants.

    Ammonia, rubbing alcohol and vinegar are harmful to plants but are great animal deterrents. If the chili pepper does not work, soak sponges in one of liquids and place in the area near the plant but far enough away to avoid hurting the plant itself.

    There are also commercial repellant sprays and pellets available.


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