Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cool Idea | WNC Magazine

The hoophouse protects plants growing in the winter garden
 Yes, we know that it's spring. Yes, we know that bad storms are right outside our window. But on this gray, rainy day we decided to work through the pile of magazines on the coffee table to see if anything was worth saving before we put them in the recycle bin. (Magazines are so seductive, aren't they? On the stand they scream, "You can't live without reading this article!" A month later you wonder why you bought the darned thing. However, there's always that one story...)

But we digress. Here's an article from WNC Magazine (that's Western North Carolina, one of the neatest places on the planet) about a group called Winter Green. This group's mission is "to train backyard gardeners and entrepreneurial growers for four-season organic food production." In the winter, they use hoophouses to grow cool-weather greens and vegetables. Did someone in Memphis do this last year? Seems something like that is stuck in our memory. Let us know.

Cool Idea WNC Magazine

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  1. MAMG had a speaker at Spring Fling in 2010 who talked about extending the growing season using tunnels: Van Cheeseman. He owns Flora at Bluebird Farms. He talked about the large tunnels he uses to extend the growing season. Van is a regular at the farmer's markets around Memphis. His site it:


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