Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Onion with a Website

Last week my sister shared with me some onion sets of a variety neither of us knew anything about. The sets were tiny little bulbs that grew as a cluster at the top of the onion stalk. Someone had given them to her and the only thing she knew about them was that they were suppose to be perennial onions.

An internet search identified them as Allium proliferum, commonly known as "Egyptian onions." They are also called "tree onions"and "walking onions" because of their growth form. They put up tall stalks like most onions, but at the top of the stalk, these little plants form. If left alone, the stalks fall over and the bulbs take root where they touch the ground  (thus the name "walking onion"). Click here for a website devoted entirely to this variety of onion.

I intended to plant these at the farm in Shelby County where I garden with my brother, but I forgot to take them when I went out there. So I stuck them in a very large container to see what they would do. With the first bunch, I separated the bulbs and planted each one separately. The second bunch, I simply planted as a cluster, thinking that this must be okay since that's how they naturally plant themselves.

I don't know what to expect from them, but I think I should see new growth before fall. Has anyone grown these? If so, I'd welcome  information and/or advice.

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