Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carrots are finishing up and tomatoes just beginning at PAR Davies.

Hi Everyone,
HARVEST TODAY 67 lbs.       YTD 319 lbs.

Today consisted of harvesting, planting and fertilizing with gardeners Greg, Susan, Jamie, Bob, Martha Montesi, Dianne Campbell, Cathy, Mary Elizabeth and myself.

The big harvests today were onions and carrots. We have just started getting tomatoes. Two of the fennel bulbs were big enough to pull, and I sent three recipes using fennel and onions along with the delivery. We got a few more beets, zucchini, peppers and herbs of parsley, sage, basil and mint. We picked the last of the kale and cleaned out the kale beds. Cathy delivered all to the women's shelter.

Greg planting 'Jade' bush beans.

Jamie added compost and made two beautiful rows to plant bush beans. We were able to fill in empty spots with cucumber towers and a variety of bush beans. Bob picked all the rest of the onions and fertilized the cucumbers and squash with Comfrey tea.

Martha and the 'Midgets'

Martha trained all the Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe on the fence, and transplanted a few more to fill empty spots. Tomatoes were tied up; they seem to be putting out more nice green growth after the rain. Many of the yellow Italian pole beans were eaten by voles, and Susan replanted those and also Camilla cukes.


Two crops not bothered by the voles so far are the peanuts and sweet potatoes. I figure they know if the roots are left intact, there will be more to eat later on. We may have to thin the peanuts when they start putting out their pegs. We purposely planted thick in anticipation of some disappearing.

Sweet potatoes with zucchini at the far end.

The squash bugs are starting to appear, and we had to take out one big plant today. A few more squash were planted last week, and then we will wait until mid-to-late August to plant another crop in anticipation of fewer SVB's.

I hope we can report that we harvested many pounds of tomatoes next week.

Until then,

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