Monday, June 10, 2013

Blessings in the Chaos - A Correction and an Apology

Shimmers Within the Storm
© Jan L. Richardson
(Used with permission!)
Last year I discovered a lovely poem called "Blessings in the Chaos" and posted about it here. Usually I verify the author and ask permission to use the poem.  I have tried to remember what happened with respect to this poem and have no memory of it (I have a hard time remembering last week, let alone last year!)

But I received a very gracious email from the real author, Jan Richardson, which I will quote in full:

I found you via your lovely "Garden Musings" blog. I'm grateful to you for sharing "Blessing in the Chaos" in a post on May 4, 2012, and wanted to let you know that although the blessing has been traveling the web as having been written by John O'Donohue, it's actually one that I wrote for my blog The Painted Prayerbook, at this post:

I quoted John O'Donohue in the post, and evidently a few readers thought the blessing was by him as well and began to circulate it with his name attached. I just recently discovered this, and would be so grateful if you would correct the attribution on your blog. If you would provide a link back to the original post on my blog, that would be lovely as well!

Thanks so much for your help with this, and thank you for good work. I send you many blessings!


I sincerely apologize to Ms. Richardson.  Her poem is lovely and I hope you will take the time to check out her Painted Prayerbook site and her other sites as well.  She is an amazing artist in addition to being a gifted writer.

I'm almost glad I did make my mistake because it led me to her.

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