Thursday, March 14, 2013

Par Davies Update and Class Schedule

Hi Everyone,

Great day at the garden with Susan, Bob H., Mary Elizabeth, Jamie, Virginia, Nancy, myself and a new volunteer, Anne Ballentine. We are so glad you could join us Anne, and hope you liked us enough to return.

We busied ourselves with a clean-up, fix-up campaign, and the garden definitely looked better when we left. We are trying to get uncluttered for the classes in April. We moved a lot of the tomato cages out of the way over to the fence on the east side. Whew! No more bumping into them. We picked up sticks and trash. Jamie and Nancy continued on with the weeding. Anne sowed some more lettuce seeds to fill in the empty spaces in gutter garden. When they emerge, we will give the whole thing some liquid fertilizer. I was delighted to see she had been reading the memos when I saw her toss worms into a raised bed!!

We put more peas in Bed 23 and covered with fencing like Bed 22, since a critter has been digging up the pea bed--and the potato beds. I wonder if it was that same varmint living in the Hugelkultur bed?? Another mystery to solve.

Susan brought dill for our herb bed, and Pam brought some more plastic containers, which will be excellent for lettuce, spinach and herbs….and maybe strawberries. Thank you ladies.

Sharon's Ayurvedic herb bed was cleaned out and the perennials are starting to emerge. Still haven't found anyone who knows about Comfrey, so for now we will assume it's the good kind. The bales of straw were moved over into the compost area. Mary Elizabeth planted carrots. I still want to plant a little chard and leaf lettuce, and a row each of kohlrabi and parsnips to see if a spring planting works better than fall. All of the peas, fava beans, radishes, beets and spinach planted earlier are emerging, and should really start popping during the next couple of warm days. The Romaine, broccoli and cabbage sets look good too.

Sharon Lusk has generously offered us a big load of mulch if we can pick it up. We certainly can use it to put in the walkways between the beds to keep the weeds down. Jamie has cleared all the weeds, so we want to put some kind of mulch down as soon as possible. What we need are volunteers because the mulch is not in bags but needs to be shoveled into a truck bed. Oh yes, we need a truck or trailer. We are flexible on when this can be done. It would be good if it hasn't rained in a while so it's not so heavy.

This is an opportunity for all of you who haven't been able to work on Wednesday!! We need shovelers and a truck….let me know.

Til later,

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