Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Day at PAR Davies! 2/6/13

Yesterday was the best PAR garden workday in a long time. When I arrived Jamie was already at work chopping out big clumps of green hay. Thank you, Jamie. We've been looking at them for so long and thinking that we need to do something but not wanting to get into it. You will surely get some jewels in your crown for what you did today!

Planting peas and potatoes

Nancy and Susan planted the climbing peas on the trellis.  G.A. planted potatoes -  note the trench dug down to soil level for planting. 

Others at the garden were Carol, Cathy, Virginia, Kay and myself (I hope I remembered everyone). It sure was good to see Kay. Virginia took the sunflower seeds home for her husband Bob to clean for packaging while he is recuperating. Get out your tweezers and bifocals! Bob is doing great by the way, and will be back in MG class next week--two weeks after bypass surgery! What a guy. We are happy you are doing so well Bob. So we will not have the Seed Saver Get Together after all.

Cathy, Susan, and Nancy planting radishes

Carol covered the pots with compost to prevent more weeds until we can plant. We planted red potatoes, radish, three kinds of peas, and two varieties of beets. All the plantings were labeled and recorded. The row cover was removed from the lettuce and it looks great. It should improve even more with the predicted rain and warmer weather. We put some of the seed starting containers in the mini greenhouse with the plan to see how starting some warm weather seedlings later on will work. Kay, Cathy and Nancy mixed up the potting mix and worked on filling the file drawers. Oh, and Jamie is cutting tomato cages for potato towers to be filled next week.  Now we need things to plant!  

The mini greenhouse
Bob H. has repurposed an old lawn mower into a transporter(?) We dubbed it 'Murray' because that is the name painted on it. Works great, Bob!

Converted lawnmower

Is this how the guys feel?
Doodle by Andre

'Til next week,

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